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Comm Business [Jul. 28th, 2005|10:23 am]
Cooks with Originality


[mood |productive]

Welcome to new member witchmaiden and thanks to puchuupoet for watching us :) Also big thanks to darksong17 for promoting us in her journal and bringing in new members!

I'm sorry for being so inactive the last week or so - things have been crazy (as usual) lately. I am remiss in not having posted comm rules or posting guidelines, or for taking care of the additional mod situation yet - tinyflame, I'm going to go ahead and make you a mod, since you took the time to e-mail me when I originally asked for volunteers :) I will drop you a line later today (hopefully) to clarify what I'm going to need your help with, and so we can collaborate on rules and guidelines. I wanna get that taken care of within the next couple days.

I'd like to have at least one more mod, though not necessarily right away - until we get a little more membership I think two of us can handle it, but if anyone's interested please let me know by e-mail (my address should be on the comm info page) and you'll be the first I contact.

I have a couple recipes I wanna post, but unfortunately I've got some work to take care of first - will try to get on later today.

Hope everyone's doing well, and keep cooking!

Your Mod,

[User Picture]From: witchmaiden
2005-07-28 03:45 pm (UTC)
How nice to be personally welcomed! I'm 21 and I just got engaged, and when my fiance moves here from England we are going to move back in together. I have always loved to cook and used to watch my parents as a child (when I was too small to reach the counter tops and actually do anything myself), and grew up learning much from them. My fiance loves my cooking, and I'm always looking for new recipes and things I can try out and create!
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[User Picture]From: eri_chan
2005-07-28 07:27 pm (UTC)
Congrats on your engagement :) Glad to have you here, and looking forward to any recipes you have to share!
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